Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad

The Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad is a volunteer run rescue squad that services the entire Virginia Beach area. They are funded by donations, and staffed by local volunteers. Each volunteer undergoes full EMS training for free, with training provided by the city. Due to these factors, their website, and the ability for the website to accept donations and convert visitors into members, is essential to its success.

Original Site
The site they had prior to the redesign required a lot of manual manipulation. It wasn’t responsive, which made it unusable to a lot of the sites visitors. It leaned heavily on text, and didn’t utilize breathing room or images. Instead of navigating the site to find information, users would use it to find their phone number and call to ask questions, which lead to a lot of avoidable phone calls.

Early Mockup
The sitemap was analyzed and rethought to improve user experience. Images were brought to the forefront of the site to evoke an emotional response. Statistics demonstrating the value and sheer number of cases handled by VBVRS were cherry picked and highlighted. Copy was written to pull at the heart strings.

Final Design
Images were provided, the design was cleaned up and polished further. Full designs of the main call to action pages were completed. Call to action blocks were added to the footer of all pages.

Live Site
All analytics measured have improved. Phone calls have decreased. Manual actions taken on the old site have been automated and now allow members to use their time for more effective tasks. Donations and Ride Along Trials have increased.